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Since its foundation in 1990, Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH has been organizing events and tours of all sizes and genres throughout Germany. The two managing directors Burghard and Alexander Zahlmann can look back on a renowned portfolio, including concerts with 50 Cent, AC/DC, Ennio Morricone and Lady Gaga as well as the farewell tour of Bushido 2024. In addition, readings, including as part of the "Erlesene Literatur" series with Lars Eidinger, Klaus Maria Brandauer and Jan Josef Liefers and Anna Loos as well as tours with Kurt Krömer are part of the organizer's daily business.

BANKSYA Vandal Turned Idol“ is not the Berlin office's first exhibition. In recent years, several thousand guests have already marveled at the replica exhibition "The Mystery of Banksy" and the multimedia exhibition "Van Gogh - The Immersive Experience". In the outdoor area, Concertbüro Zahlmann organizes several light parks, such as LUMAGICA in Magdeburg and previously in Rostock or the Oranienburger Lichterzauber in Oranienburg Palace Park.

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Headphones, art and the spirit of Banksy!

For a thoroughly captivating listening experience through Banksy's story, we recommend bringing your own headphones so that you can take in every detail of the exhibition without interruption.

Who is Banksy?

a world-renowned revolutionary of contemporary art whose identity remains a mystery and whose work continues to enjoy ever-increasing popularity around the world. Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH is now bringing a unique collection of original works and prints by the artist to Germany for the first time, more precisely to the capital Berlin. This collection has already attracted over three million enthusiastic visitors at various exhibitions in Madrid, Malaga, Moscow, Hong Kong, Milan, Lisbon, Las Vegas, Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya.

Save the Date 19.07.2024

From December 1st, 2023, the unauthorized exhibition "BANKSY - A Vandal Turned Idol" will open in Berlin's Kleieck (Martin-Luther-Straße 1A | Near Wittenbergplatz subway station) and takes visitors into the world of the British street art idol. The main component of the exhibition are 11 ORIGINALS and 44 ORIGINAL PRINTS from private collectors. Artworks by related artists such as ANDY WARHOL will also be exhibited, as these had a significant influence on Banksy's work. Complemented by various memorabilia and audiovisual media content, visitors receive an unprecedented insight into the work and background life of the world-famous artist Banksy.

The FREE AUDIO GUIDE in German and English will take the visitor on a journey to illuminate the background of the Banksy’s art. Multimedia highlights are the VR AREA, where you can immerse yourself in Banksy's life and work and the MEDIA HALL. Both the use of the VR GLASSES and access to the MEDIA HALL are in ticket price included and costs NO ADDITIONAL ENTRY.

Mysterious Provocative

The British artist, whose identity has remained unknown for years, is considered one of the most important contemporary icons of street art. His often-satirical works of art deals with universal themes such as politics, culture or ethics. True to the title "A VANDAL TURNED IDOL", Banksy's most important works are highlighted that frame his unusual and controversial career. How did a graffiti chaotic despised by law enforcement officers and large parts of society become a globally celebrated and respected artist? Who’s Banksy for you – Vandal or Idol?

About Banksy

The name Banksy is synonymous with a British artist who has not yet been identified. Since the 1990s, street art artworks have been appearing regularly around the world, often accompanied by great media response. His art often carry a socio-critical message; they are characterized by satire and a frequent reference to current topics.

According to his own statements, Banksy comes from the underground scene in the British city of Bristol, where he was largely inspired by graffiti artists, bands like Massive Attack and the pop art icon Andy Warhol. Only a small number of his stencils and screen prints are available through his own agency Pest Control; they often end up with private collectors or at auctions.

A similar auction at the well-known auction house Sotheby's caused a stir when Banksy had one of his most famous works, Girl With Balloon, shredded during the auction.

Phenomenon of our time

Event organizer Alexander Zahlmann has a clear opinion about the artist's work: "Banksy is one of the most brilliant and important Artist and a phenomenon of our time. His works are a challenge to the system, a protest, an extremely well-built brand, a mystery and also a violation of the law."

"According to the idea behind the exhibition, every visitor will be able to decide for themselves in the end: Who is Banksy - a genius or a vandal, an artist or a Businessman, a provocateur or a rebel? The exhibition shows the entire range of Banksy's talent - always multidimensional, always encouraging people to think and make their own decisions. His work is always current, very comprehensive, his pictures speak and flow directly into the souls of entire generations."

Prices & Tickets

Access to the exhibition is possible with so-called time slot tickets (bound to a previously selected timeslot) or with flex tickets (can be used flexibly within opening hours). Both types of tickets are available for pre-sale at Eventim and at the box office, which is open during opening hours.

There are reduced tickets for schoolchildren, students and trainees with appropriate proof, as well as for pensioners aged 65 and over. Groups of more than 10 people please contact our hotline +49 (0) 421 - 37 67 2000 » for inquiries and Booking.

You have the opportunity to take your favorite Banksy motif home with you in the form of a T-shirt or postcard in the exclusive merchandise shop at the end of the tour. The selected, high-quality products are ideal for giving as a gift or as a gift.

  Tue - Thu Fri - Sun & public holiday
Adult 20,00 € 22,00 €
Reduced* 16,00 € 18,00 €
Children 7-15 years 12,00 € 14,00 €
2 Erw. + 2 Kinder
1 Erw. + 3 Kinder
45,00 € 50,00 €

* Disabled people, schoolchildren, students and seniors aged 65 and over

Groups only via and Tel.: +49 (0) 421 - 37 67 2000 (Mon to Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

School groups only from Tuesday to Friday (8,00 €)

  Tue - Thu Fri - Sun & public holiday
Adult 22,00 € 24,00 €
Reduced* 18,00 € 20,00 €
Children 7-15 years 14,00 € 16,00 €
Groups: Erwachsene 17,00 € 19,00 €
Groups: Reduced* 14,00 € 16,00 €
Groups: Children 7-15 years 11,00 € 13,00 €

* Disabled people, schoolchildren, students and seniors aged 65 and over

Groups only via and Tel.: +49 (0) 421 - 37 67 2000 (Mon to Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

School groups only from Monday to Friday (8,00 €)

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MAGDEBURG | Hyparschale

Kleiner Stadtmarsch 7
39114 Magdeburg

  1. 11 originals and over 40 prints from private collectors' collections
  2. In addition to Banksy's works, artwork by artists who inspired Banksy are also shown
  3. The free audio guide in German and English leads visitors through the exhibition
  4. The free VR experience allows a completely new perspective on Banksy's life and work
  5. The free Media Hall offers an immersive experience
  1. Photography is expressly desired!
  2. Share your visit – with friends and online!
  3. Contactless payment is possible and welcome everywhere
  1. Please do not take photos with flash
  2. Please do not touch the works of art!
  3. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the exhibition
  4. Backpacks and larger pieces of luggage are prohibited in the exhibition - there are limited opportunities to drop them off on site (charges apply)
  5. Buggys are not permitted in the exhibition
  6. Smoking is not permitted in the exhibition or in the entire building!
  1. • There is a limited number of paid lockers on site for storing personal items
  1. A free toilet is available to our visitors
  1. No, online booking is only an option in addition to the box office
  2. If you don't want to queue, we recommend booking online